HiBob - Adding Leave to a Finalized Pay Run

HiBob - Adding Leave to a Finalized Pay Run

In this help desk article, we will address an issue employee's adding leave to a finalized pay run and explain the process of resolving it. If you have encountered a situation where leave was added during a period but cannot be modified, or if the leave balance does not decrement, this guide will provide you with the necessary steps to rectify the issue.

Problem Description:
When attempting to add leave to a finalized pay run, you may receive a notification on your platform stating that leave cannot be modified during that specific period. Additionally, the leave may be noted during that period but does not decrement the employee's balance. This discrepancy can cause confusion and inconvenience for both administrators and employees.

To resolve this issue, follow the steps outlined below:

Review the Notification:
When you receive a notification stating that leave cannot be modified during a specific period, it means that the pay run for that period has already been finalized. The system restricts modifications to ensure the accuracy and integrity of payroll records. However, the leave that was added during that period is still noted and can be utilized in subsequent pay runs.

  1. { "message": "Leave request has been applied to pay run with Paid Date 1/03/2023 and cannot be modified" }

Understand Leave Balances:
In the scenario described, the leave added during a finalized pay run does not decrement the employee's balance immediately. This occurs because the pay run has already been completed and cannot be modified retrospectively. However, once a new pay run is initiated, the leave taken during the previous "Paid" period becomes available for deduction from the employee's balance.

Wait for the Next Pay Run:
To ensure accurate tracking of leave balances, you should wait for the next pay run to take the necessary action. In the subsequent pay run, the leave requests that were added after the previous pay run was completed will be included and available to be added to the new pay run. This process allows for proper deduction from the employee's leave balance.

Updating Leave Balance:
During the new pay run, you can now add the leave requests that were noted but not decremented in the previous pay run. These requests will reflect the correct balance deduction, ensuring accurate leave tracking for the employees.

Communicate with Employees:
If employees have concerns or inquiries about their leave balances or the process of adding leave after a finalized pay run, it is essential to provide them with clear communication and reassurance. Explain the situation and let them know that their leave balances will be updated in the upcoming pay run.

Adding leave to a finalized pay run can be challenging, but by following the steps outlined in this guide, you can address the issue and ensure accurate tracking of leave balances for your employees. Remember to communicate any updates or changes to your staff to minimize confusion and maintain transparency throughout the process.