Project Sync: Essential Permissions in SharePoint to Get Started

Project Sync: Essential Permissions in SharePoint to Get Started

Project Sync: Essential Permissions Required in SharePoint to Set-up your SyncEzy Account & Integrations

In SharePoint, permissions are crucial and are consistent across various site types, including Office 365 Group Sites and Communication Sites. Each site has three default security groups:

  1. Site Owners: These users have full control, allowing them to perform all actions that Site Members and Site Visitors can, plus additional tasks such as maintaining site security, adding web parts, and managing navigation.

  2. Site Members: Users in this group can add, edit, and delete content, including documents, pages, announcements, and events. They can also share content with others, in addition to having read and download permissions.

  3. Site Visitors: This group comprises read-only users who can only view and download content from the site.

SharePoint permissions revolve around these three groups, each catering to specific levels of access and control. Below is an example screenshot.

What permissions do I need in order to connect my SharePoint account?

To connect your company's SharePoint account in your SyncEzy dashboard so you can then begin to configure an integration on a Procore Project to a location of your choice in SharePoint, the user credentials used must either be designated as a site owner or admin. If you're starting a trial, you can use your personal login credentials provided your user credentials are configured with one of these permissons on the SharePoint site you want to connect to. We recommend as best practice and most customers prefer to create a dedicated service user credential ( or with the necessary permissions for a few reasons. However, we understand in the trial phase this may be more work than you'd like to do so to check if you or a team member has proper permissions to get your SyncEzy account setup, you can follow the steps below. 

How to check if I have the right permissions for the SharePoint site I want to connect?

You can check if a user is a site admin or owner by following either of the steps below: 

Once you click on this Member button, you will see a list of Owners and Members of this site, as shown in the screenshot below. If you do not see the user name here it is possible that user does not have access to this site.


Alternatively, you can navigate to the Site permissions section of your SharePoint site to check.

1. Navigate to the site where the group will be used.

2. On the site’s home page, click on the "Cog" (settings icon).

3. Select "Site permissions" and then "Site owners - full control" to see who is assigned as an owner. 


Why do I need to “Accept” providing SyncEzy full access and admin-level permissions in my integration portal to connect my SharePoint account (example images below)?

This one-time step is required to allow us to connect your company’s SharePoint account so you can then begin to connect project integrations. This is also a requirement so you can enable the sync to mirror the changes made in SharePoint/Teams Channels/OneDrive back to Procore after you set up an integration for a project. Without granting the integration the necessary permissions, it cannot function as intended. 

SyncEzy will never have visibility of your Procore or SharePoint accounts. It is programmed so that after you connect you an integration in the “Configuration” tab (connect a Procore Project to a folder in a SharePoint site/Teams Channel), it will mirror any actions made by end users one either side in the connected folders only. We can never action (delete, edit, upload, etc.) any file or folder without the sync being triggered by an end-user on one side thus it facilitates automating version control throughout. If you have questions about activity done by SyncEzy on behalf of your team after an integration is set up, please use the 24/5 icon in the bottom right corner of your integration to connect with a Tech Specialist so you can screenshare and they can help you identify who made the changes in question. Still have questions? View the Technical Details article to see all answers to commonly asked questions about how the sync works here or ask your SyncEzy Solutions Consultant if you cannot find the answer you need.