HiBob to Employment Hero (formerly KeyPay) - Closely Held STP fields

HiBob to Employment Hero (formerly KeyPay) - Closely Held STP fields

We have recently identified an issue with the Employment Hero (formerly KeyPay) API where the below fields are automatically overwritten for employees, even if they are not paired in our platform.

We have been advised by Employment Hero that for the moment they are working on fixing the issue with the Closely Held fields but it will be some time as it not seen as a priority at the moment.

If you currently have the above fields in use;  STP Income Types or employees that are "Closely Held", we suggest that you please setup the fields in HiBob:

The fields from Employment Hero (formerly KeyPay) are in Employee / PayRun Defaults then STP income Types

Our suggestion is to create the following fields in HiBob, advise our support team, and we can pair them for you:

Closely Held Employee:  List field with values  - True, False 
Closely Held Reporting:  List field with values  -  PerQuarter, PerPayRun
singleTouchPayroll: List field with values  - CloselyHeld, Foreign employment, Inbound assignee to Australia, Labour hire, Other specified payments

This will ensure that the fields in Employment Hero (formerly KeyPay) are not correctly overwritten as they were before. Then once Employment Hero completes the fix for this issue, we can remove the pairing and it will work as normal.