HiBob Employment Hero (formerly KeyPay) Integration

HiBob to Employment Hero (formerly KeyPay) two-way integration pay slip sync feature

HiBob to Employment Hero (formerly KeyPay) integration pay slip sync

Please click the image below to view a video explaining how the HiBob to Employment Hero integration by SyncEzy, syncs pay slips for your employees from Employment Hero at the conclusion and finalization of a pay run:

HiBob to Employment Hero (formerly KeyPay) integration Payslip sync - FAQs 

Q: How do I sync Payslips in HiBob?
 A: To sync Payslips in HiBob, ensure that the Payslip setting is turned on. You can do this by navigating to "Details" and toggling on the "Pay Slip Setting."

Q: What happens if I don't turn on the Payslip setting in HiBob?

A: If you don't turn on the Payslip setting in HiBob, the integration with Employment Hero (formerly KeyPay) won't be able to sync Payslips between the two platforms.

Q: What permissions are required for the Payslip sync to work?
A: Service User need permission to upload files to the confidential folder in HiBob. Without this permission, payslips will not generate for any pay runs synced between HiBob and Employment Hero (formerly KeyPay).

Q: How do I edit permissions to upload confidential documents in HiBob?

A: Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to https://app.hibob.com/home.

  2. Click "Settings".
  1. Select "Account".

  2. Choose "Permission groups".

  3. Click on "Admin Service User".

  4. Under the "Docs" section, select "People's data".

  5. Again, under the "Docs" section, click on "Edit permissions".

  6. Ensure Delete selected employee's docs in the folder,  Edit tags of selected employees and Upload selected employees. options are ticked.

  7. Click "Save" to apply the changes.
Q:  Why is it important to ensure proper permissions for uploading confidential documents?

A:  Proper permissions help maintain data security and ensure that only authorized individuals have access to sensitive information, thus preventing unauthorized use or disclosure.

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Have you done this before and what about the security of data?

Yes, we have. We have been building integrations for the last eight years with over 50 integrations built across various software systems. All of our communication between software systems is fully encrypted.