HiBob to Employment Hero (KeyPay) Data Manager

HiBob to Employment Hero (KeyPay) Data Manager


HiBob to Employment Hero (KeyPay) Data Manager

SyncEzy has recently launched a new tab within HiBob to Employment Hero (KeyPay) integration. This innovative feature empowers customers to effortlessly monitor the data flow between HiBob and Employment Hero (KeyPay) in both directions.

Function of the Data Manager tab:

The Data Manager tab offers a comprehensive overview of the interactions and data exchange between Hibob and Employment Hero (KeyPay) with regard to “Employee”, “Leave Request” and “Payslip” data.

How does it work?

Clicking on the "Data Manager" tab presents three options to choose from:
Leave Request


When you select the "Employee" option, you will be able to view the list of employees.

Please be patient as the loading process may take a few seconds, depending on the number of employees. Once the data is loaded, you will notice 4 types of icons next to the employee names.

Green Tick: Indicates successful synchronization of employee data between the two applications.
Yellow Tick: Indicates incomplete or missing data for the employee.
Red Cross: Indicates that the employee has not been created, or crucial data is absent.
Exclamation Symbol: Indicates errors in syncing for that employee.

For a more detailed exploration of the employee's data, just click on their name and new window will pop up as shown in the screenshot below.

This pop-up presents the complete set of data, including the paired field names of the “Employee”, from both Hibob and Employment Hero (KeyPay). This will aid in verifying if the correct data is present in both applications.


In case of any errors, click on the "Error" tab to access more information about the reasons for the failed synchronization.

The Error tab offers detailed information on the data that has encountered issues, providing guidance on what needs to be addressed. 

Data Refresh:

If you've made updates to the data on either HiBob or Employment Hero (KeyPay) for a particular employee and need to ensure the information is up to date, just click on the "Refresh" button and it will fetch the latest details for the paired fields.

Individual employee sync: 

After resolving errors for an individual employee, you now have the option to sync only that specific employee, eliminating the need for a full sync of all employees, which can be time-consuming.
Simply click on the arrow icon for that individual employee

This will initiate the re-sync process for that individual "Employee".

Leave Request :

To view details regarding employees' Leave requests, select the "Leave Request" option as illustrated below.

Upon clicking the employee's name, a pop-up will appear, providing details of both the Synced Leaves and the Unsynced Leaves.


To access details regarding employees' Payslips, simply select the "Payslip" option as demonstrated below.

Upon clicking the employee's name, a pop-up will appear where you can view details such as synced Payslips details with Payrun ID. This will ensure that all the payslips are syncing correctly.

Please refer to the below link for a video tutorial.