How the Procore SharePoint Integration Handles the Sync of Large Files

How the Procore SharePoint Integration Handles the Sync of Large Files



The Procore SharePoint integration is designed to offer seamless synchronization for a wide range of documents and data. However, when dealing with files that exceed 955 MB in size, a specific protocol is followed to maintain optimal performance and prevent disruptions in the sync process. Here’s a detailed look at how Procore manages the sync of large files and the rationale behind it.

Handling Large Files in the Sync Process

Identification and Logging of Large Files

When the Procore SharePoint integration encounters a file larger than 955 MB during the synchronization process, it does not attempt to sync the file automatically. Instead, the system performs the following steps:

  1. Logging in the Database: The system logs the file in the database, recording details such as the file name, and location. This ensures there is a record of the large file that was not synced.

  2. Notification to the Customer: An email is automatically sent to the customer, informing them that the specific file exceeds the 955 MB  threshold and has not been synced. This notification includes instructions for the customer to manually download and upload the file if they wish to keep it in sync between locations. Below is a sample screenshot of the email sent to the customer.

  3. Database Table Entry: Alongside the email notification, the file details are also noted in a designated table within the database for easy reference. This table is specifically set up for tracking files that exceed the size limit and are skipped during the sync process.

  4. Resolution: For users who need to synchronize these large files, Please sync the file manually by uploading them directly to Procore and SharePoint as this is outside of our individual file limit. This method ensures that these files are available in both locations, maintaining data consistency without disrupting the overall sync performance.

Accessing the Skipped Files List

To help customers manage and review files that were skipped due to size constraints, SyncEzy provides a dedicated "Skipped Files" tab the SyncEzy portal. Users can access this table to see a comprehensive list of files that were not synced, along with relevant details, project name and path location. This feature enables customers to easily identify and take necessary actions for these large files, ensuring they are aware of all files that have been bypassed during synchronization. Please refer to the sample screenshot below.

Reasons for Skipping Large Files

The decision to exclude files over 955 MB from automatic synchronization is grounded in solid engineering principles aimed at maintaining the efficiency and reliability of the system:

  • Performance Optimization: Large files can significantly slow down the synchronization process, potentially blocking or delaying the transfer of smaller, more frequently used documents. By skipping these large files, the system ensures that the sync process remains fast and efficient for the vast majority (99.99%) of everyday documents.

  • Preventing Sync Disruptions: Syncing large files can consume substantial bandwidth and processing resources, which may hinder the performance of other sync operations and affect the overall user experience.

Types of Large Files Typically Encountered

In most cases, the files that exceed the 955 MB limit are not everyday documents but rather specialized, large files such as:

  • Drone Videos: These can be extensive and are not typically used in the day-to-day operations that the sync is designed to support.
  • High-Resolution Media: Files like high-resolution video or extensive datasets that are one-off requirements rather than regularly updated documents.

For users who need to synchronize these large files, the recommended approach is to download them manually and then upload them again to ensure they are available in both locations.

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