Managing Your Data with Delete Confirmation Feature

Managing Your Data with Delete Confirmation Feature

Enabling Delete Confirmation

When the Delete Confirmation toggle button is enabled from the details page, a new tab labeled "Delete Confirmation" will appear. This tab plays a pivotal role in managing deletions, offering a transparent and controlled environment for handling file and folder deletions.

Understanding the Delete Confirmation Tab

The Delete Confirmation tab contains a list of all data deleted from either end—whether it be from Procore or  SharePoint side. Each entry in this tab includes:

Project Name & File/Folder Path: The project and location associated with the deleted data.

System Origin: The system an end user initiated the deletion in to reference.

Manual Confirmation for Two-Way Deletion :

One of the key functionalities of the Delete Confirmation feature is the manual confirmation process. When a file or folder is deleted by one party, it is not automatically deleted from the other end. Instead, it appears in the Delete Confirmation tab, waiting for the user’s confirmation.

Here’s how it works: 

Review: Users can review the list of deleted items, along with their associated project and company details, and the date of deletion.

Confirm: If the deletion is intentional and verified, users can manually confirm the deletion.

Two-Way Deletion: Only after manual confirmation, the two-way delete process is triggered, ensuring that the file or folder is deleted from both ends.

This process adds an extra layer of security and communication, ensuring that no data is deleted without mutual consent.

Benefits of Delete Confirmation: 

Enhanced Control: Users have complete control over which files and folders are permanently deleted, preventing accidental loss.

Improved Communication: The detailed logs help in maintaining clear communication between teams, ensuring that deletions are agreed upon by both parties.

Audit Trail: The deletion log acts as an audit trail, providing accountability and traceability for all deletion actions.


The Delete Confirmation feature is a powerful tool for managing deletions in a collaborative environment. By enabling this feature, you ensure that all deletions are intentional and mutually agreed upon, enhancing the security and integrity of your project data. Remember, with Delete Confirmation turned on, the two-way delete functionality is fully dependent on user confirmations, making it a reliable method for managing your critical data assets.

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