Procore to box Integration Overview

Procore to box Integration Overview


This guide will give a detailed overview of the Procore box integration dashboard and reporting tools available. 


The dashboard tab gives you detailed information on your added projects. For example, project names, size, and logged activities. It also shows you how much data has been synced and how much data has been deleted from the sync. To know this you can simply click on the details button (highlighted above) and filter the dates to see the data.

The Dashboard tab also shows the Average File Sync Speed as highlighted above).


In this section, you will see a list of added projects and their size of synced data on the right.

Active Projects:

In this section, you will find all of your active projects, their IDs, and last synced time.


In this section you will find a list of actions that you have taken on your projects (added or removed), it will also record the time the action was taken at.



This is the email you signed up with to access the integration portal on


This is the email associated with the Procore account you connected.


This is the email associated with the box account you connected.

Sync Options :

App Owners can choose what options are selectable during Sync. Basically the APP Owner can enable/disable the sync methods and features. Please note these toggles are visible to APP Owner only.

Notification Email

Enabling this option will send you an email to the SyncEzy-Email about the sync status

Special Characters

The Procore-box sync does not allow special characters in the naming. Enabling this option allows us to replace these Special Characters in the Procore Photos tool Album names from # % * : < > ? / \ | ~  "  to Hyphen '-'. You may face errors while syncing if you add any of these special characters in Procore or box and if this option is disabled. This feature works for the Photos tool only as Procore itself cleans up the special characters for the Documents tool whereas in the Photos tool, they allow special characters.

Sync Deletes

Enabling this option will allow you to delete files from both systems if you delete it from one. If you delete a file from Procore, it will delete it from box. If you delete a file from box, it will delete it from Procore. If this option is disabled, deleted files will not be synced and you will have to manually remove it from the other system. You can of course increase or decrease the limit. Once the limit is hit, the sync will not delete any more files and the sync will email the administrator with the path of the files not deleted. The Sync deletes limit will reset after 24 hours. (Please note that the 24-hour deletion limit reset is based on the file deletion time, which means the 24-hour starts from the time you have deleted the file). The important thing to note is that, currently this feature works within the "Documents" tool only. For "Photos" tool you will need to manually delete the files from both sides.

Please note: For example, if this feature is enabled and your sync delete limit is set to 25 in 24 hours and you have deleted 100 files from box, the deletion of 25 files only will be synced back to Procore. This means those 25 files only will be deleted from both applications (you are syncing your deletes). However, the deletion of the remaining 75 files will remain unsynced in Procore unless those files are deleted manually from Procore. These 75 files will be shown as unsynced when you check the File Manager in your SyncEzy Integration Portal. To avoid this we recommend you to increase the Sync Delete limit to 10000 or more. The deletion limit can be changed in the Details menu.

Integration Name

This setting is to give a custom name to your integration.  Click on the pencil icon to edit and click save when you are done. You can enter 70 characters maximum.

Notifications Emails

Add emails to receive notifications. Multiple emails can be added. Separate each email with a comma, like:,

Data View

The Data View tab is all of the data SyncEzy has stored historically from a compliance perspective and you can export into an excel spreadsheet if required. The integration is programmed to alert your admin(s) of any pertinent actions needed to be taken if there's ever an issue created by an end user so you will not need to be searching in the reporting on a daily basis. If you have questions on any of these reports as they are developer-friendly for referencing, please use the 24/5 icon and start a chat with a Tech Specialist from our Support Team for clarification. You can screenshare with our Tech Specialists to walk them through any questions you may have as well in your Procore or box accounts regarding end user activities, etc. 

Sync Status:

You can view the sync status in this tab - success or failure. The sync runs every day and you will be able to see when it starts and when it completes.

File Manager:

The "File Manager" tab offers a comprehensive view of files in both Procore and box, allowing easy navigation and management. 

Here is an overview of the File Manager menu, based on the screenshot below.

1 - Select whether you wish to view files/folders for your projects or Company level documents
2 - This is a dropdown list of all the projects/companies (for company-level documents) you configured and added to the integration.
3 - Select whether you want to view Documents, Photos, RFIs, or Submittals, and then press Search to load the results. (This is applicable for the projects only, as for company-level documents there is no Photos, RFIs tool)
4 - This link provides direct access to the box location where syncing folders and files for the current navigated level are stored.
5 - This button will allow you to sync ONLY the files and folders in the navigated level. Child and parent files/folders will not sync when this is pressed.
6 - This link provides direct access to the Procore location where syncing folders and files for the current navigated level are stored.
7 - The right side is a list and count of all files and folders in the box location.
9 - The left side is a list and count of all files and folders in the Procore Project.
8 - The green tick marks indicate that the files/folders are synced and matching between both systems. If it is not matching or synced, it will appear with a red cross and the text in either the Procore or box side will be greyed out.

Error Logs : 

This section is basically for Support Users and Developers only to investigate issues within the integration.

In this tab, you can view a log of errors by the project. This is useful in case you want to know why the project may not have been synced. 

Simply choose the project from the dropdown and it will populate the errors. If there are no errors, nothing will be populated.


The Configuration tab is where you will add your projects and Company Documents from Procore and select the location in box you want to sync it to. Refer to the steps outlined below for adding a project, followed by instructions on integrating company documents to sync the data to box and vice versa.

We have one  method to configure the projects.


Classic Method is useful when you have a few projects to add. With this method, you can add the projects one by one.

Prerequisite: Create a folder with the project name or any identical name in box where you would like to sync your project. (In this example we have created a folder with the Project name in box). 

Once you have the folder created please refer to the steps below :

1. Click on the "Add Project to Sync" button under the Configuration tab in SyncEzy Portal.

2. In the window that pops up, choose your Procore company first
3. Select the Procore project from the list
4. In Project Tools, select whether you want to sync Documents, Photos, RFIs, Submittals or all.
5. Navigate and select the folder you want to sync to. This is the folder that we created with the project name in box. Selected tools folder (Documents, Photos, RFIs, Submittals) will be created on this location only to sync the data.
6. Click on "Select this location" to sync your Procore project files to the desired location.

7. Click on Add Project when you get the message "Path selected successfully".

Once you have clicked on "Add Project" your project will be added to the integration configuration and tools folders (Documents, Photos, RFIs, Submittals) will be created in box under the chosen path folder during the initial sync and data from Procore tools will be synced to these folders. Please do not change/rename/move/delete these folders as the sync will break (Screenshot below). To learn more about path and folder structure please click here.

Please note that once you have added a project to integration, you will need to wait for the initial sync to be completed. Please do not make any changes within the Project while the initial sync is going on. Initial sync can take a few minutes (Normally 5-10 minutes, depending on the number of folder structures in your Procore Project. If the project size is big it can take upto 24-48 hours). Once the initial sync is completed then only you can add the data to either side to sync across. You will receive an email notification once the initial sync is completed for that particular added project. Meanwhile, you can add more projects to the configurations if you have any. For each and every project you will receive a separate email.

Plan Details

The Plan Details tab is a summary of your current subscription status. Below is a brief explanation of each text box.

Customer Name

This is the name you signed up with on the integrations portal.

Customer Email

This is the email you signed up with on the integrations portal

Plan Name

This will always be Procore box Two Way.

Plan Code

This is the code we use internally and it is related to the plan name.

Plan Price

This will show the amount you paid for the integration, depending on the plan tier and how long you have chosen to subscribe for.

Interval of Subscription and Interval - unit of subscription

These two fields are related and specify how many months or years you have opted to subscribe for.

Next Bill Date

This field specifies the next date you will be billed for the subscription.

Subscription ID and Subscription Number

These two fields are the references to your subscription. If you have any issues with your subscription, you can give either of these to SyncEzy's support team to help you check.

Connection Details

The Connection Details tab is simply the details of the database and hosting information for the Procore-box integration. 

Have a support question?

We offer three support channels: 

Chat - Live Chat (24x5 support) from within your integration portal.  

Phone - #1 for Support
   AUS: +61 2 9136 9448 
   NZ: +64 9 303 2999 
   UK: +44 203 670 1109
   US: +1 720 500 9302

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