Project Sync: Essential Project Permissions in Procore to Get Started

Project Sync: Essential Project Permissions in Procore to Get Started

Project Sync: Essential Project Permissions Required in Procore to Set-up your SyncEzy Account & Integrations

To sync projects, the user credentials used to connect your Procore account in your SyncEzy integration need to have access to all the tools on the projects you want to connect (highlighted below). If you want to sync Documents, Photos, RFIs, and Submittals in a project, ensure the user has admin permissions on those tools or else they will not appear as an option in your integration nor will the project.

If you are using a specific Project Permissions Template for all of your projects, then please ensure that access to the below-highlighted tools has been given in that template. For more details on Change a User's Permissions in the Project Directory please click here for a detailed article from Procore.

So for all the projects that you will configure, the authenticated user needs to have Admin access to those projects in Procore. Your Admin access on those projects will ensure smooth syncing of files and folders between Procore to SharePoint and vice versa.

We understand using a personal credential is easier for the free trial; however, we recommend as best practice that our customers create a service user credential to be dedicated to the sync for a few reasons. To do so, please share this guide with your Procore Admin and follow the steps below. 

Step-by-step Guide: Creating a Service Account And Selecting the right permissions in Procore.

1. Go to Procore and add a new users.

2. Enter the relevant details here, use SyncEzy in the name so it will make it obvious to the users when they see the name in the meta data of the files.

3. Choose apply permissions template later.
Create the User and set permissions on the next screen.

4. Provide Admin Permissions to the Documents Tool

5. Provide Admin Permissions to the Admin Tool

6. Auto Add the Service Account to all New Projects in the Company.

This will ensure that all future projects will be available in the SyncEzy integration.

7. Save and Send invitation to Procore

Then setup a password for this new user from the email invite. We will use these login details to Authenticate the integration.

8. Search for the same service user again. Edit the User.

9. Find and edit the user, to add them to the existing projects.

10. Edit User

11. Add ALL so that the user has access to all the current projects in Procore.

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