PropertyTree to Fieldmagic (One-Way) Integration FAQs

PropertyTree to Fieldmagic (One-Way) Integration FAQs

This document addresses the variety of questions we encounter while helping clients. If you have a question that’s not addressed her please write to us at

About the PropertyTree to Fieldmagic integration

Please also visit our Integration Menu Overview article to learn more about each and every menu of this integration.

How often does the sync run?

The sync runs automatically every 30 Minutes and extracts data from PropertyTree and syncs it to Fieldmagic. You also have an option to sync instantly from the integration portal.

How long does it take to sync a new property?

Once the tag is added to the property, it will automatically be synced to Fieldmagic when the next automatic sync runs - every 30 minutes.

Can it be synced instantly?

We have an option for a manual instant sync in the integration portal, from the apps menu, the integration administrator can run instant sync and refresh the data between the regular 30 minuts syncs.

A typical use case might be: A new property has been added in PropertyTree that needs to be scheduled asap. If you can’t find it in the sites list, you can come here and Sync Now.

What records can be extracted from PropertyTree ?

Anything that is supported by the PropertyTree API can be extracted,  and we are constantly adding to this list at all times.  If you have any special requirements that are not covered reach out to us at

As of the current time, the following data from PropertyTree is extracted into Fieldmagic Sites and Site Contacts:
  1. Properties (Filtered by a certain Label/Tag in PropertyTree, or All Properties)
  2. Tenant Name and Contact Details
  3. Landlord Name and Contact details
  4. Property Manager Name and Details.
Please note that we sync tenancy and ownership contacts by default, however, we will only sync Property Manager contact details if that particular contact type is marked as Property Management Contact. This can be done under the ProeprtyTree account by navigating to Configuration> User management.

You can have any business role name setup however if they are not marked as a Property Management Contact type we will not sync them. Please refer to the screenshot below 

What happens when Tenants or Property details change? 

When a property has any updates, for example, changed access code, renewal date, Tenants change etc, the details are flagged by PropertyTree and the sync can extract this data and send it over to Fieldmagic.
This includes changes to tenants or tenant contact details.  When a tenant has changed the new Tenant details get updated in Fieldmagic automatically.

I have assigned a tenant to my property but still the property is not syncing to Fieldmagic?

Prior to the rent and lease information being finalised you can enter the basic information for the Tenancy profile. This will create a 'Prospect Tenancy' to be converted to a full Tenancy once the Lease and Rent information has been finalised. Once the prospect tenancy is converted the property will be synced over to Fieldmagic.

Once the lease has been finalised you can convert the Prospect Tenant profile by going to:

Tenancy Profile > Actions > Convert Prospect

Which tag do I need to use if I want to sync only a few specific properties?

Please make sure to use Property tags if you just want to sync a few specific properties.

Need some help connecting my Fieldmagic account and PropertyTree ?

We offer customer onboarding and setup as a part of our services, please reach out to us at one of our team members will be happy to book a setup session. 
It would be best to have your contact at the Real Estate company as well in the meeting. 

Can I send inspection reports and property statuses back to PropertyTree?

At this time PropertyTree only has a read-only API which means we cannot send any information back into PropertyTree, we can only extract information out.
We have this in our wish list and when PropertyTree releases a new API in the future we will enable this as well.

What happens if the property agent removes a tag from the property?

If the tag has been removed from a property, you will receive a notification email with the property details the tag has been removed from. Then you will need to manually remove that property from Fieldmagic.

How many contacts and properties can be synced? Are there any limits? 

There is no limit to the number of contacts or properties that can be extracted. If the number of properties is more than a few thousand, The initial download can take up to 48 to 76 hours as we rate-limit the number of API calls we make into both platforms.
Once the initial sync is complete, The system keeps both the databases in sync, every 30 minutes. So future updates should be pretty instant.

The tenant's contact details are wrong and need updating?

We cannot update the PropertyTree system As their API is only one way at the moment. If the contact details are incorrect you need to let the agent know by email.  If there is any discrepancy in the sync we can tweak the field pairing if you contact our support.
When the data is updated in PropertyTree , it will be auto-synced across in Fieldmagic.

Can I get all the details of the property and tenant details, what about custom fields, access codes etc?

We can extract all the details from PropertyTree properties into Fieldmagic sites and site contacts.  We can also extract details like last inspection date, security codes, special instructions like beware of dogs, any special notes etc by using the pairing functionality in the integration.  This pairing can be customized further to your specific requirements.

What does the Real Estate agent / Property Manager need to do to give you access?

This will be done during the onboarding process as a support user will need to authenticate and approve the PropertyTree account.

How do I connect my Fieldmagic to PropertyTree? (Below steps just for reference only as these steps will be performed during the onboarding process)

  1. Login to your integration account on and navigate to 'My Integrations'.
  2. Click on details button to open your integration
  3. Authenticate your Fieldmagic  account and select the Company ID for the Real Estate agent in your Fieldmagic account.
  4. Authenticate the PropertyTree account, and allow permissions. (This will be done by a SyncEzy support user with the Real Estate agent / Property Manager).
  5. Confirm the configuration details for the integration (whether to send all properties or to send properties with a certain tag)
  6. Wait for about 24 hours for the initial Sync to complete.

What happens to the data after it has been extracted from PropertyTree ?

The data is saved in the Trade company’s Fieldmagic account, which is used by them to book/schedule the inspection jobs and service the apartments/ maintain the smoke alarms etc.  
This is no different if a job was sent over manually by hundreds of individual work orders.  The integration just takes out the manual work on both ends.

Who has access to the information and it can be read by whom?

The data that is sent over to Fieldmagic can be read by Fieldmagic users with the appropriate levels of access.  Typically only Fieldmagic system admins have access to the entire database of customers, Technicians and inspectors only have access to the current day’s jobs and contact details of the customers they are visiting on the day.

Accounts and Pricing

Do you offer a free trial?

Unfortunately, due to the amount of work involved in the initial setup, we are unable to offer a free trial.  We can however get together on a call and give you a live demo in as much detail as you need. If you have any specific questions feel free to reach out.

Are there any lock-in contracts?

No contracts, we do not have long-term or annual contracts. We earn our keep every month by providing integration as a service.

Can I connect multiple Real Estate Agent accounts with my single Fieldmagic account?

Yes, the integration is designed to connect multiple PropertyTree accounts with the single Fieldmagic account, so you can bring over the details of multiple real estate managers into the single account.

What is your pricing?

Please contact us to get pricing. Pricing is dependent on the size of the PropertyTree Database and the number of properties in the PropertyTree accounts (Real Estate Agent accounts) connected.

Our pricing is made up of two components: 
  1. The initial one-time setup.
  2. An ongoing monthly fee for the number of properties synced.

Other questions

Have a support question?

We offer three support channels: 

Chat - Live Chat (24x5 support) from within your integration portal.  

Phone - #1 for Support
   AUS: +61 2 9136 9448 
   NZ: +64 9 303 2999 
   UK: +44 203 670 1109
   US: +1 720 500 9302

Email - Email support:

Have you done this before and what about the security of data?
Yes, we have, we have been building integrations for the last eight years. With over 50 integrations built across various systems. All our communication between systems is fully encrypted.  We do not store your actual data in our systems, we only store the ids of the records and some minimum information for logging and troubleshooting.  We do not store tenant private data like contact details and property details in our system.

Where is the data stored? 
The data that’s transferred to Fieldmagic is stored in their servers that are protected.  SyncEzy stores a minimum amount of log and record ID data to manage the sync, this is stored on SyncEzy’s AWS cloud servers in Sydney.  AWS is the same backend technology used by PropertyTree . 
All data stored by SyncEzy is accessible to the user from the integration logs data view from their SyncEzy account.

What security measures are in place to ensure the security of information?
All three applications Fieldmagic , SyncEzy and PropertyTree offer the same two-factor authentication as a means to prevent access by a stolen password.  This can be enabled by the users after logging in.

SyncEzy offers an end-to-end encrypted service so all communications to our site are controlled, Fieldmagic and PropertyTree both offer Auth 2.0 which follows industry best practices for creating API tokens.

What if my real estate agent uses a different system other than PropertyTree ?
Reach out to us at We are always looking to build more integrations. Chances are that we already have something in our plans.   We are working on building similar integrations with Console, PropertyTree, and Rex.

What if I use a different job management system?
We have worked with a variety of job and project management systems in the past, including FieldMagic, Aroflo and more. If you would like the data to go into a different job management system reach out to us and we’ll do our best to help.

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