Resolve $0 pay rate from HiBob To Employment Hero (formerly KeyPay)

Resolve $0 pay rate from HiBob To Employment Hero (formerly KeyPay)

Based on testing and identification in one of our customers accounts, we found an issue that can affect the calculation of pay rates. We recently encountered a situation where an employee's pay rate appeared as zero/$0 in Employment Hero (formerly KeyPay). Through careful investigation, we have identified the cause and found a solution to ensure this doesn't happen again.

Two key factors contributed to the pay rate being recorded as zero/0 in Employment Hero (formerly KeyPay):

FTE (Full-Time Employee) Percentage: Employee's FTE percentage in HiBob was set at 0%.
Weekly Hours: Employee's weekly hours in HiBob were set at 0 hours.

Resolution Steps:
To rectify the pay rate issue for the employee, we need to update their FTE rate of to greater than 0%. In most cases if the employee works full time, then 100%. This adjustment will have a cascading effect on her weekly hours, aligning them with the standard working pattern of your business, which in Australia is generally 38 hours per week. Rest assured, this update should also ensure that the employee's pay rate aligns with the rate provided by HiBob.

Login to HiBob 
Go to relevant Employee profile and navigate to the "Employment" category
With the correct  access rights, click in edit their employment status details regarding the working pattern

Based on the agreement with that employee, change their working pattern type to:
      Site Default
      Based on days worked
      Base on hours worked

This will update the FTE % to a value above 0% that will then calculate their weekly hours. 

After updating the employee's FTE rate, our SyncEzy integration will automatically update their annual contract salary rate in Employment Hero (formerly KeyPay) based on weekly hours resulting in an accurate pay rate field into Employment Hero (formerly KeyPay).

If you have any further questions or encounter any difficulties while making these adjustments, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We are here to assist you and ensure a smooth resolution to any integration-related concerns.