Service account - Introduction and benefits

Service account - Introduction and benefits

Service accounts are usually created specifically for a particular service or application and are granted only the permissions necessary for that service to function properly. They are often used to access other resources such as databases, APIs, file systems, or other services that the application or service needs to interact with. Basically, we use a service account to differentiate the user activity in a  particular application.

Why use a service account to connect the integration applications?

We highly recommend you set up a service email account with a generic name if you wish to avoid using your individual account name on folders/files when the integration syncs folder/file changes to the opposite application. You could set up a user in Procore and Google Drive with an email called for example and use this account to connect Procore and Google Drive in your integration. This will ensure you can easily identify what synced changes our integration has made. Please ensure any new service accounts you set up have full admin permissions on the Documents, Photos, and RFIs tools for all projects you want to sync in Procore and also full read/write permissions on the applicable Google Drive account/sites.

There are several reasons why you might want to use service accounts in your computing environment:

Security: By using service accounts, you can limit the permissions granted to individual applications or services, which helps to reduce the risk of security breaches. Service accounts are typically used for automated processes, they do not require interactive login sessions or access to sensitive information that humans would normally need, such as passwords or other confidential data.

Accountability: When you use service accounts, you can track the actions of individual services or applications, making it easier to identify which system or service is responsible for particular actions or changes within your environment.

Centralization: By using service accounts, you can centralize the management of access and permissions across multiple applications or services, making it easier to ensure that each application has the appropriate level of access and reducing the complexity of managing permissions across your computing environment.

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