simPRO - Infusionsoft Integration - SyncEzy Portal User Guide - Overview

simPRO - Infusionsoft Integration - SyncEzy Portal User Guide - Overview

Integration Portal User Guide

simPRO - Infusionsoft Integration - Overview

A typical workflow for your team might be as follows:

1. Nurture leads in Infusionsoft.
2. Send contact and company from Infusionsoft to simPRO when ready to create a quote by adding a tag.
3. Create a Quote in simPRO.
4. Quote contact in Infusionsoft enters a Quote Follow-up Campaign.
5. Quote is accepted.
6. Create a Job in simPRO.
7. Job status moves in simPRO trigger notification automation in Infusionsoft Campaign.
8. Job moved to Invoiced Status in simPRO.
9. Job Follow-up Review/Referral Campaigns triggered in Infusionsoft.

The SyncEzy system is designed to run automatically in the background so the user doesn’t have to do anything manual.

SyncEzy works on a 15 Minutes Sync cycle, 24 hours a day. (i.e. 9:00, 9:15, 9:30, 10:00, 10:15, etc).
If the Automatic Sync schedule is not soon enough, manual Sync can be pushed via the SyncEzy Integration Portal.

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