simPRO to SharePoint (One-way) Integration FAQ

simPRO to SharePoint (One-way) Integration FAQ

This document addresses the variety of questions we encounter while helping clients. If you have a question that’s not addressed her please write to us at

About the simPRO to SharePoint integration

Please also visit our Integration Menu Overview article to learn more about each and every menu of this integration.

Is this tool 100% web-based, or do we need to install an application on a desktop or server?

This is 100% web-based, we integrate the data directly into SharePoint via its API. Individual users do not have to install any SyncEzy apps to their local machines.

We’re going to be turning on multi-factor authentication in SharePoint. Will this cause any issues?

No, only the site admin has to authenticate SharePoint during the initial setup.  Once set up the other users simply log in to their normal SharePoint / OneDrive / MS Teams account.  The Two-factor authentication on users has no effect on the integration.

How to connect integration to the apps?

Please follow the below steps and connect your SimPro to Sharepoint accordingly. 
  • Login to
  • Go to Details of your Sharepoint integration
  • Please click on Connect under simPRO integration.

  • Enter the URL of your connected simPRO account.
  • Enter your connected simPRO company Id.
  • Please click on advanced authentication for advanced authentications.

Likewise, authenticate SharePoint by clicking on CONNECT AS ADMIN or User according to your account permissions 

  • Connect your Sharepoint account by entering the email address. 

  • Once after authenticating simPRO to SharePoint integration, you can see connected in green color. 

How often does the sync run?

Every 30 minutes. This is currently a one-way sync from simPRO to SharePoint.

Can I rename file names when they're in my SharePoint account?

Yes, you can rename the file within your cloud storage account. When you rename it, it will only update in SharePoint and not in simPRO.  The integration is one-way, meaning it only pushes from simPRO out to SharePoint.

Can I rename my files in simPRO and they'll update in my SharePoint account?

Yes, the file name will be updated when the next sync runs.

Can I move my files around in simPRO folders?

You can move files in simPRO, the integration will automatically add the files in the new location, but it won’t delete from the old location so you may have duplicate files.  If you are doing a big reorganization in simPRO we recommend you delete from SharePoint and reorganize in simPRO, this will put a clean copy back.

Why my Sharepoint site is not appearing while configuring the sync?

If you have recently created the Sharepoint site then SharePoint can take a few hours to index the site in its API. As long as permissions are correct, the site will appear in the list in some time. Usually a few hours but it can be upto 24 hours.

Just found that my Job Folder in simPRO is messy, how do I clean and trigger a resync?

Just delete the Job folder out of SharePoint and reorganize simPRO as you need before the 30 minute mark.

I have received a new version of a Drawing / Plan, How do I add it?

  1. If the new file has a different name for example GroundFloor_Elevation_Rev_2.pdf this can be added directly to the folder in simPRO and it would be synced to SharePoint. 
  2. If the file has the same name, you can delete the old file in simPRO and add the new file in the folder and the sync will replace the old file in SharePoint.

Do the files transferred into SharePoint count towards my SharePoint storage limits?

Yes, all files & folders synced across from simPRO will count towards your file storage limits. Most file storage limits are quite generous so you shouldn't find this a problem.

How long does it take to transfer my files across?

The integration syncs every 30 minutes as long as the Job has been edited and saved. This can be any edit (ie. adding a full stop to the private note) not just edits to the attachments area. 

Occasionally due to transfer limits the sync can be delayed if hundreds of files are changed. We don’t lose any changes as based on the simPRO changes the sync will eventually catch up at the following sync.

What triggers the files being transferred?

Once you have made changes to a Job / Quote / Site and hit save, the files will be synced in a 30 minute window. (ie. 9:00 , 9:30, 10:00  …)  

If I upload a file to my job folder in SharePoint, does it sync back into simPRO?

At this stage, the integration is a one-way sync only (simPRO to SharePoint).We are planning on introducing a two-way sync, Please reach out if you’d like to join our two-way sync waitlist. 

Where do I go to check the settings and billing details on my SharePoint integration?

You can view your settings configurations and any billing details by going to the SyncEzy Portal here. In the Portal, navigate to Plan Details to see billing details.

Is there a size limit on the images that transfer across?

The size limit will be dictated by which software you are integrating with and the max upload available. For simPRO, the limit is 80 MB.

Is there a limit on how many attachments can be sent in 24hrs? 

There are no limits.

Attachments from which modules can be integrated from simPRO ? 

Currently we can sync Jobs, Quotes and Sites.  We also plan to add additional modules to the sync like Employees, Assets, Plant & Equipment etc. Please contact us if you would like these added.

Can I change the SharePoint/simPRO account?

Yes, login to your SyncEzy account at

Choose the integration you’d like to edit and click on “Reset Credentials” menu. This will reset your credentials on both sides and you can reconnect the simPRO and SharePoint to a different account.  The sync will start again from scratch and resync all your files from simPRO to SharePoint.

Can I customize what is sent over from simPRO to SharePoint?

At this stage you can’t customize what is sent over, or limit only certain files and folders to be sent over, everything from simPRO attachments will be sent over to cloud storage.

Can I change the file structure of where the data is stored?

No, for the reliability of the integration to be maintained we can’t change where the data is stored in the folders.

The system will follow the following structure: The integration will create a new library to your SharePoint site.  (Root folder name (Library name) can be changed through Root folder menu)













Second Level Folder

            Job Folder

                                                Folders inside a Job Folder


Other questions

Have a support question?

We offer three support channels: 

Chat - Live Chat (24x5 support) from within your integration portal.  

Phone - #1 for Support
AUS: +61 2 9136 9448 
NZ: +64 9 303 2999 
UK: +44 203 670 1109
US: +1 720 500 9302

Have you done this before and what about the security of data?

Yes, we have. We have been building integrations for the last eight years with over 50 integrations built across various systems. All our communication between systems is fully encrypted.

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