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simPRO - QuickBooks Workforce Integration - Bulk Enter Time Off

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simPRO  - QuickBooks Workforce Integration - Bulk Enter Time Off 

Usually, the system would require a start and end time for the simPRO Schedule to accept the timesheet. However, we have built a feature within the portal that applies an automatic start time for PTO Codes only. 

You can add Time-off in bulk for the future by using the Time-off feature within QuickBooks Workforce. With the Time-off feature, you can assign leave to multiple employees at once with a duration of hours taken off entered. 

By default, it is set to 7 am so any leave entered as duration will calculate the end from the duration, for example, an 8 hours duration for annual leave will enter simPRO as a shift from 7 am to 3 pm. 

1) Select Time-off from the Left-Hand Side 

2) Click Add Time-Off and Select Users

3). Select Leave Type and Enter Duration 

Once the leave has been entered you can manually sync the schedule or allow the schedule to sync automatically overnight.