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simPRO - QuickBooks Time Integration - Common Timesheet Errors

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simPRO  - QuickBooks Time Integration - Common Timesheet Errors 

Error Message



Section ID is Missing

The timesheet is either missing a cost centre or the cost centre no longer exists in simPRO 

Update the Cost Centres in Quickbooks Time 
by changing the Job Status in simPRO to "Update Cost Centres in TSheets/Quickbooks Time" or resync through the Portal. Select the correct Section and Cost Centre on the Timesheet
Missing Cost Centre
ID, Section ID
A timesheet entry has been
logged against a job however a
section and cost centre has not
been selected.

Unapprove the timesheet in Quickbooks Time and
ensure a job, section, and cost centre is chosen.
Reapprove the timesheet. In SyncEzy, fetch the
timesheet again and send to simPRO.

Same Start Time and End Time

simPRO Schedule Requires a Start and End Time of 15 minutes or more before the timesheet will be inserted
Adjust the clock in or out time to be a minimum of 15 mins in Quickbooks Time.

Job cost center was not found in this section.

The Cost Centre in simPRO has been merged into another or moved into another section

Update the Cost Centre in simPRO by changing
the Job Status to Update Cost Centres in
Quickbooks Time or resync the cost centres
through the SyncEzy Portal.
Change the timesheet entry to the updated,
correct Cost Centre

Missing ActivityID

The activity has been deleted in simPRO or created directly in QuickBooks Time
Reselect the activity on the Timesheet.
If the Activity is required, add the activity in simPRO and resync the activities to Quickbooks Time via the SyncEzy Portal (API Settings)

Missing Start Time, End Time

Duration has been entered which does not require a start and end time, simPRO needs a start and finish time to know where to insert the schedules
Delete the manual duration entry on the
timesheet, then re-add the timesheet entry using Time In/Out Timesheet Editor.
The entity you are trying to schedule is currently locked by another user.
The Job is currently open by a user in simPRO, and the API cannot insert a Schedule into a Job in "Read-Only" view in simPRO.
Close the job in simPRO (Save and
Finish) and then resend the timesheet in
the SyncEzy portal to simPRO.
This job is currently opened by (Employee Name) Please try again later
An Employee in simPRO has the
job open while the system is trying
to send the entries.
Close the job in simPRO and
resync the Quickbooks Time
Missing Staff ID
The simPRO Employee ID is absent
from the Employee Details Card in
Quickbooks Time.
Copy the simPRO Employee ID into the
Employee Card in Quickbooks Time (My Team).
Refresh the User List through the Portal under
API settings.

Start Time minute must
be one of '00', '30'

The timesheet has clocked and
approved times that are not
matching SyncEzy and simPRO
schedule settings. We have set
SyncEzy to round to 15 minute
blocks however simPRO is set to
30 minute blocks.

In simPRO got to Setup > Defaults
> Schedule > Change Schedule
Format to 15 minutes > Save.
Refetch and send the timesheets
manually to simPRO.
Unexpected Exception
The simPRO API has a technical
issue and was not responding at
the time of sending timesheets
from Quickbooks Time to simPRO.

Resend the timesheets again
within the SyncEzy portal. This
technical issue is usually only