simPRO - TSheets Integration - SyncEzy Portal User Guide - Overview

simPRO - TSheets Integration - SyncEzy Portal User Guide - Overview

Integration Portal User Guide

simPRO  - TSheets Integration - Overview

A typical workflow for your team might be as follows:

  1. Create a Job in simPRO.
  2. Job automatically comes to TSheets through SyncEzy.
  3. Optionally schedule in TSheets.
  4. Techs assign time to jobs and to detailed Section / Cost Centres within the job.
  5. Time approved by Supervisor. Once the timesheet is approved it’s locked and can’t be edited.
  6. Overnight time gets automatically scheduled into simPRO into the correct Job / Section / Cost Center.
  7. On payroll day of the week, the payroll manager sends the times to Xero. 

The SyncEzy system is designed to run automatically in the background so the user doesn’t have to do anything manual. 

This Automatic Sync transfers jobs from simPRO to TSheets and transfers schedules from TSheets to simPRO after approval.

It runs every 15 minutes (10:00, 10:15, 10:30, 10:45 etc.) and it looks for any new jobs created in simPRO and then imports those into TSheets.

For certain actions the Automatic Sync also runs every night at midnight on a separate schedule. Here’s some of the actions the sync performs every night.

  1. Automatic scheduling of approved timesheets from TSheets to simPRO.
  2. Import of any new cost centres in existing jobs from simPRO to TSheets.
  3. Import of any new Activities from simPRO to TSheets.

If the Automatic Sync schedule is not soon enough, manual Sync can be pushed via the SyncEzy Integration Portal.

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