Understanding Document Versioning in Procore-SharePoint Integration with SyncEzy

Understanding Document Versioning in Procore-SharePoint Integration with SyncEzy

In today's interconnected digital workspace, maintaining document integrity and version history across different platforms is crucial. SyncEzy's integration of Procore and SharePoint ensures seamless synchronization and version control of documents between these two systems. Here's a detailed look at how document versioning works in this integration, as illustrated in a recent video demonstration.

Demo of Document Versioning through the sync.

What is Document Versioning?

Document versioning is the process of tracking and managing changes to documents over time. This ensures that users can access previous versions of a document, understand the changes made, and collaborate more effectively. Version control is essential for projects that require rigorous documentation and compliance standards, such as construction and engineering managed in Procore and SharePoint.

Initial Document Upload: 

Let's start with a simple scenario where a document is uploaded to SharePoint:

1) Upload to SharePoint: A Word document is dragged and dropped into an empty folder in SharePoint.

2) Sync to Procore: Using SyncEzy, the document is automatically synchronized to the corresponding folder in Procore. This process typically takes about a minute.

Making Edits and Creating Versions

Next, let's see what happens when the document is edited:

1) Edit in SharePoint: The document in SharePoint is opened and edited to create "version 1". This change is saved in SharePoint. 

2) Sync to Procore: After a brief interval, the edited document syncs to Procore, creating a new version there as well.

Procore now reflects two versions of the document: the original and the newly edited version. 

Each new edit and save operation in SharePoint results in a new version being created and synchronized to Procore.

Versioning of documents in Procore

Whenever a document is updated in Sharepoint, the integration simply up revises it in Procore using the same existing metadata and keeping the older version as ease and rewriting the new version on top of the older version. You can see the details below in the example document.

1) Check Versions in Procore: Users can verify the number of versions and view details directly within Procore.

2) Edit in Procore: Documents can also be edited in Procore, and the changes will sync back to SharePoint, maintaining consistent version histories across both platforms.

The key advantage of this integration is the maintenance of a comprehensive revision history:

1) In SharePoint: Users can see a detailed version history, including timestamps and the nature of changes.

2) In Procore: The revision history is mirrored, ensuring that all changes are tracked and visible.

Settings and Customization

The version history settings in SharePoint can be customized based on organizational needs:

Version Limit: Organizations can set how many versions to keep.  To Learn more about Sharepoint versioning go to this help document from Microsoft

Metadata Tracking: Additional metadata about the changes can be stored for compliance and audit purposes.

Procore has it's versioning for any data uploaded in the Documents Tool.


The SyncEzy integration of Procore and SharePoint offers a robust solution for document versioning, ensuring that changes are tracked and synchronized across platforms. Nothing is ever lost and every document maintains full version history in both places.  This functionality is vital for industries that rely on precise documentation and historical accuracy, such as construction and project management. By maintaining a consistent and comprehensive version history, teams can collaborate more effectively, reduce errors, and ensure compliance with documentation standards.

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