Zoho Desk to SimPRO Overview and Setup Guide

Zoho Desk to SimPRO (Standalone) Overview and Setup Guide


This is a user guide to walk you through some of the basic functionalities of the Zoho Desk to simPRO extension, an overview on how to install and setup the extension and to detail functionalities of the extension.

Note: This extension is only for customers who are not subscribed to SyncEzy’s SimPRO-Zoho CRM integration. If you have this subscription, please go to our Zoho Desk to SimPRO (CRM Integration Users) guide.



  1. Create a New Quote or a New Job or Convert a Quote to a Job in simPRO.
  2. Link ticket to an existing Job or Quote in simPRO. Ticket information and link is stored in the Activity Timeline of the Quote/Job.
  3. Transfer ticket information to the Quote/Job such as the description and automatically lookup the Customer and Site in simPRO from the customer's email ID in the Desk ticket. 
  4. Sites will also be checked against the customer and associated with the Quote/Job. If there are no sites, a default site is associated.
  5. Creates new customers if not found in simPRO using the email address, phone number and name from Desk.
  6. simPRO Multicompany support. Choose the company from the dropdown list to send a Quote/Job to that company in simPRO.

Workflow Chart

Installation and Configuration Details

Go to Zoho Marketplace and search for "SimPRO for Zoho Desk". 
The extension can also be installed from the following links:

General Settings

Setting permissions

Once installed, you will be prompted to select the Department and Profiles to whom this extension will be visible. Choose the options you want, agree to the terms of use and click Install.

Authorise Zoho account

Once the extension is installed, it will take you to the Extension details screen.

You will get a popup on the top right corner asking you to authorize your account for Zoho OAuth service. Click on Authorize and accept the permissions requested in the window that opens.

You should get a success message in the corner when this is done.

Configuration Details

Default Site ID

Here you need to set the Default Site ID to create a Quote or a Job. A Site and a Customer are mandatory fields for creating a Quote or Job. In the event the Customer does not have a Site, the Default Site configured will be linked to the Quote/Job instead

You will need to create a default site in simPRO, retrieve the Site ID and then add the ID in this field. You can also choose another Site if you wish, simply add that Site’s ID in this field.

___________.simprosuite.com (simPRO Domain Prefix)

This is used to connect your Zoho Desk account with your simPRO build URL.

For example, www.syncezy.simprosuite.com. In this example, we choose “syncezy” as the value to enter.

Multi Company [Yes/No]

This field is used to enable Multi Company syncing. Only “Yes” or “No” are acceptable values. Yes if you want to configure simPRO Multi Company, No if you don’t or if you have a single company.

SimPRO Companies (ID - Names) exp [2 - Sydney, 3 - Melbourne]

If you don’t have a multi-company setup, enter 0 - company name here. If you wish to link only one company, you will need to enter the company ID - company name (eg. 4 - SyncEzy).

If you have multi-company in simPRO, enter in this format: company ID - company name (eg. 6 - SyncEzy). For more companies, add the same with a comma separator (eg. 6 - SyncEzy, 7 - Zoho,..., etc). 

simPRO Company IDs can be found by going to simPRO > Setup > Company

Note: Avoid using commas and dashes in the company name as these are specifically used as delimiters.

SimPRO API Key - simPRO->Setup->API->Application [xxxxyyyy123xxxyyy]

This helps us to communicate with simPRO. Navigate simPRO->Setup->API->Application > Create Application. Enter the following values:

Company: <Your company name>

Name: Zoho Desk Authentication

Redirect URI: https://desk.zoho.com / https://desk.zoho.com.au / https://desk.zoho.eu (depending on your Desk domain)

Email Address: <Your Email Address>

Description: Client application for Desk-simPRO 

Authentication method: API Key

You have to copy the API Key and paste it into this field in the configuration. You can also write to support@syncezy.com if you need help with this.

Default Customer Type [Companies/Individuals]:

In this option, you have to set the value as Companies or Individuals. This defines the customer type to be created from the extension, Company Customer or Individual Customer.

Default Project Type [Service/Project]:

In this option, you have to set the value as Service or Project. This defines the Quote/Job type to be created from the extension, a Service Quote/Job or Project Quote/Job.

Click Save when all configurations have been entered.

Final Touches

Your configuration page should look similar to this after the entries are done. It may vary depending on your inputs.

Click on the  logo in any ticket to view the extension and to start using it.

Have a support question?

We offer three support channels: 

Chat - Live Chat (24x5 support) from within your integration portal.  

Phone - #1 for Support
AUS: +61 2 9136 9448 
NZ: +64 9 303 2999 
UK: +44 203 670 1109
US: +1 720 500 9302