Infusionsoft Campaigns for simPRO Users

            Infusionsoft Campaigns for simPRO Users

            There is really no limit to the number of campaigns you can create in Infusionsoft to compliment your simPRO Job Processes and boost the success of your Customer Lifecycle, but I'm going to outline a small selection of the most popular among our power users.

            Archive Old Jobs & Quotes (Data Clean-up)

            A separate contact is created in Infusionsoft for every new contact, quote and job in simPRO, because of the way the contacts need to move through the various campaigns.  

            This campaign cleans the database of all contacts created for quotes and jobs as these close in simPRO, so your infusionsoft database is left with a single contact corresponding to each simPRO contact rather than multiple corresponding to all of the quotes and jobs that have been created in the past.

            Basically, once the contact has had the tag added to that is created when the simPRO job or quote has been closed, it is placed in a holding sequence for 120 days (in case it is reopened or required for any other reason), then an HTTP Post is sent that causes the SyncEzy integration to archive the contact in Infusionsoft.

            Marketing emails are then simplified as you will not be sending those to contacts more than once. 

            (NOTE: It is "best practice" to always filter your contacts before sending marketing emails to include only contacts with the tag "Simpro_Contact" to eliminate the inclusion of contacts in the system for jobs and quotes that are still active.)

            Send Contact to simPRO

            This simple campaign automates the process of the adding an Infusionsoft contact to simPRO, so that Quotes and Jobs can be created.

            It enables an Infusionsoft user to add a contact to simPRO just by adding the tag "Send to simPRO" to their Infusionsoft contact record. 

            The campaign triggers an HTTP Post that sends the contact to simPRO over the SyncEzy interface to simPRO, along with their associated company. It also sends an internal email to notify the relevant person that a new contact has been added to simPRO and is ready for their Job/Quote to be created.

            Quote Follow-up Campaign

            This campaign automates the quote follow-up process to dramatically improve prospective customer nurture and increase conversion rates.

            Triggered by a quote being sent in simPRO (which adds a contact with a "Quote Sent to Client" tag to Infusionsoft), this campaign can be simple, putting all quote recipients throught the same nurture funnel, or targeted by segmenting prospects according to the type of quote they have received.

            The campaign can be segmented into to Residential, Commercial and Government quotes, for example, and then even further into specific Job types, such as Installation or Service, with targeted content that really speaks to different types of customers.

            The nurture sequences can contain emails with information relevant to them and the type of work that has been quoted, or SMSs reminding them that quote is still awaiting approval.

            The quote can be accepted with the click of a button in the emails and SMSs sent, taking the contact to a landing page where they can request a date and time for the job to be carried out.

            If the contact doesn't want to go ahead with the quote, they can let you know by clicking a button, and this takes them to a landing page that asks for feedback on what made them turn the quote down.

            Job Follow-up and Review Campaign

            This campaign follows up with customers once a job is completed and seeks their feedback on the work completed.

            As with the Quote Follow-up Campaign, it can be simple, sending feedback requests to all customers when their job is finished, or it can be more complex, excluding bigger customers for example.

            Triggered by a simPRO status move (such as Invoices Fully Paid), the campaign sends an email asking the customer how they feel about the work that was done. This could use smileys, as below, or a Net Promoter Score (1-10) or similar.

            Each smiley has embedded automation links that take the contact to a landing page or a thank you page.  If they give positive feedback, they are taken to a landing page that give them the opportunity to enter a draw to win a gift card. 

            They are then added to a sequence that asks them to leave a review on social media.

            When the contact clicks on one of the review links, or on the link that advises that a review has already been left, they are sent a thank you email and the capaign ends.

            If the contact clicks on a neutral or negative smiley in the review request emails, a thank you page pops up, thanking them for their feedback and advising them that someone will contact them to see if they can help. 

            They are then put into a sequence that sends an email to their manager asking them to call and follow up.

            Updated: 03 Dec 2019 12:43 PM
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