simPRO - TSheets Integration - Common Timesheet Errors

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            simPRO  - TSheets Integration - Common Timesheet Errors 

            Common Error Message

            Reason for Error 

            Section ID is Missing

            The timesheet is either missing a cost centre or the cost centre no longer exists in simPRO 

            Same StartTime and EndTime

            simPRO Schedule Requires a Start and End Time of 15 minutes or more before the timesheet will be inserted

            Job cost center was not found in this section.

            The Cost Centre in simPRO has been merged into another or moved into another section

            Missing ActivityID

            The activity has been deleted in simPRO or created directly in TSheets 

            Missing StartTime, EndTime

            Duration has been entered which does not require a start and end time, simPRO needs a start and finish time to know where to insert the schedules
            The entity you are trying to schedule is currently locked by another user.
            The Job is currently open by a user in simPRO, and the API cannot insert a Schedule into a Job in "Read-Only" view in simPRO.

            Updated: 18 Dec 2019 07:54 AM
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