simPRO - PowerBI Setup Documentation

simPRO - PowerBI Setup Documentation


Below is a guide on how to connect your SimPRO account to PowerBI or any other BI tool through SyncEzy’s server.

Note: SyncEzy has a template PBIX file available. You will need a subscription to the SimPRO-PowerBI Service on and you will need the backup details provided by SimPRO mentioned in Step 1. Write to if you want the template file. The below steps are for if you prefer to establish a manual connection.

The SimPRO-Power BI Integration requires ODBC Drivers. Download the latest drivers from the below link.

Note: You will have to install the largest file from the above link, it typically does not have an x64 or x86 in the name. The latest drivers can be found if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

Once you install this, go to your Windows start button > search for "ODBC" > open "ODBC Data Sources (64-bit)" > Navigate to the Drivers section and check if the highlighted drivers appear.

Additional links to more drivers in case the above still does not work.

Steps to connect

  1. Email one of the below addresses from your SimPRO admin account to request a backup. Note: You will not be able to start this integration without a backup file URL and password.

AU -

NZ -
UK -
US -

  1. Login/Register to with your company email address.

  1. Go to My Integrations > SimPRO - Power BI > Details

  1.  Next to simPRO, there will be a connect button. Select this and press connect and it will ask for the Database backup details. This backup can be received from SimPRO as mentioned in Step 1. Click submit once done. Alternatively, you can email with these details.

  1.  Go to Connection Details. You will need to enter this information in Power BI.

  1. Now open Power BI, and click Get data

  1.  Search for ODBC and connect 

  1. Now select data source name “None” and click advanced option and fill Driver={PostgreSQL ANSI(x64)};Server=<database host name>;Port=5432;Database=<database name> 

Note: If the “ok” button is disabled then go to and download the latest ODBC drivers and close Power BI. Open Power BI and follow step 5. 

If the database is still not connected please download drivers from the below links:

  1. Select Database on the left-hand side. Now fill username and password from the portal and connect 

  1. You will see all database tables with data like the below image

Support Questions

View Frequently Asked Questions

You can view our SimPRO to PowerBI related FAQs from here.

Contact Us

We offer three support channels: 

Chat - Live Chat (24x5 support) from within your integration portal.  

Phone - Phone: # 1 for Support
   AUS: +61 2 9136 9448 
   NZ: +64 9 303 2999 
   UK: +44 203 670 1109
   US: +1 720 500 9302

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