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simPRO - QuickBook Time Integration - Add Timesheets to simPRO

Integration Portal User Guide

simPRO  - QuickBook Time Integration - Add Timesheets to simPRO 

Once a Timesheet has been submitted on QuickBook Time, there is an additional step to ensure the Timesheet successfully transfers to simPRO. 

A timesheet must be approved in order for the system to automatically pull the timesheet across to simPRO. 

1) Select the Approval Report from the left-hand side 

          2) Select Relevant Filters and Click Run Report 
Report Filters

              3) You can Approve Timesheets from Report or Unapprove Timesheets if they need to be edited 

Once the Timesheet has been approved within QuickBook Time the entries will transfer to simPRO overnight.  However, if you need the timesheets inserted into simPRO earlier you can manually insert timesheets into simPRO.